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People's Experience Using PAYALL

So fast! With a discount to crown it all. I will definitely use PayAll again.

Aderingboye Tolutope

It’s simply a beautiful experience! This site is safe and very easy to operate.

Faith Olaoye

So fast! With a discount to crown it all. I will definitely use PayAll again.

Aderingboye Tolutope

Frequent Questions People Ask Us

What is PAYALL?

PayAll is a convenient Mobile Payment service (provided by Tinuten Nigeria limited) that enables you to;

Send and receive money
Pay for goods and services
Airtime top-up
Bills payment amongst other services through any mobile phone.

Why Should I Sign-Up for PayAll?
PayAll is easy, safe, convenient and customized to suit every relevant transaction needs.

What can i do with PAYALL?

1. Load money on your PayAll (cash in) and save.

2. Send money to an unregistered customer.

3. Send money from PayAll to bank account.

4. Send money from bank account to PayAll.

5. Check balance and statement summary.

6. Buy airtime for yourself and send to others.

7. Withdraw money at any PayAll agent location.

8. Withdraw from ATMs.

9. Pay bills e.g. PHCN, DSTV etc.

How do i open a PAYALL account?

  1. You can register through one of these options;
  2. To download the PayAll mobile application, visit the app store on your smartphone and search for PAYALL
  3. Visit the website (www.PayAll.ng) and sign up.
  4. Visit any PayAll Agent nearest to your location and ask to be registered.

How can i withdraw form an ATM/POS?

  1. To withdraw cash on any ATM in Nigeria, visit any active ATM machine with your PAYALL account details. You must have used the steps below before heading to the ATM.
  2. Go to PayAll website and login with your account details.
  3. Click on > Transfer Money > ATM Cash out.
  4. Enter the registered PayAll Phone number and amount you wish to withdraw form ATM.
  5. At the next stage enter your user pin and confirm cash-out.
  6. You (or the person you send cash to) should get a SMS with details of your pin, redeem code which you should be taken to the ATM stand
  7. Press Cashless option on the ATM
  8. Enter the following: redeem code, pin and phone number  Confirm your transaction and collect your funds

Is there a limit to transactions i can make on PAYALL?


Maximum Transaction Daily

Tier 1: N1 – N30,000 (Note: Transactions that sum up to N30,000.00 daily)

Tier 2: N1 – N100,000 (Note: Transactions that sum up to N100,000.00 daily)

Tier 3: N1 – N1,000,000 (Note: Transactions that sum up to N1,000,000.00 daily)

NOTE: At registration you are expected to select a transaction tier. You cannot exceed maximum transaction daily limits for your level. However, you are free to change your transaction level anytime. Each transaction level has its requirements.

How can i withdraw money from PAYALL agent location?

  1. Visit a registered PayAll agent location.
  2. Provide your mobile number to authorized agent, and the agent will initiate the cash out process.
  3. You will receive a SMS instantly notifying you to confirm and authorize cash out.
  4. Follow the prompt to complete the transaction.
  5. A PayAll agent will receive notification of your successful cash out, and dispense the cash.

PayAll guarantees you an easy and convenient way to paybills, transfer money and buy airtime top-ups.

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